“Our Journey”

42 years ago on March 23rd 1974 our journey began. We got married in St John’s Church in Tralee, Co Kerry Ireland. It has been an incredible journey,  lots of traveling, two beautiful daughters and now three beautiful grandchildren.

St John’s Church a beautiful church right in the center of town. 

After the church ceremony was complete then came the photos in the town park. We could hardly wait to finish the photos so we could join our family and friends in the lovely Meadowlands Hotel also in the town!  

Then onto the wedding reception where we had a meal, speeches and then the dancing and the fun with all our family and friends. It was a special day and looking back we have fond memories. 

The first part of our married life started out in Tralee where we moved in with my parents. We had planned to immigrate to New Zealand which took a few months to organize and by October 1974 we moved to Invercargill NZ. I was heartbroken leaving my home town, my family and friends. 

We lived and worked in Invercargill for two years, met fantastic friends had good jobs and a good life, but I was homesick the whole time and knew in my heart that I wanted to return to Ireland. So we did and thought we would never leave Ireland again. But once you travel it changes you and it’s hard to settle down. We did settle for about 10 years after coming back from NZ, we had two beautiful daughters, built a house with a fantastic water view looking out at the Atlantic Ocean in FENIT Co Kerry. Then the recession hit Ireland and that changed everything. We were moving again,  this time to Australia “Melbourne” the four of us.

We lived in Melbourne and loved it but it was always our dream to live closer to Ireland. That dream came true when we got called for a visa to work and live in the United States. And in 1989 we moved to the United States and have been living here since. Boston is now my home and I am content. Looking back I believe you will go where you are meant to be, we still have our home in Ireland that we built in 1977 and we visit there every year. But my heart, my life and my soul is in Boston! So my journey started out in a small town in Ireland went to New Zealand then Australia and visited a lot more place in between but Boston is my home. 


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