The Irish Connection Home Health Care Service! “The Golden Years”

By Marian Deady#  Over the years I have sat down with many seniors and talked to them about aging and what their choices would be when it came to their care. They all seem to have the same story and don’t want to end up in a nursing home. They all want to be left in the comforts of their own home. If I am to be honest a nursing home is not something I would want for myself either . So I can fully understand what they are saying. Going into a nursing home can be a critical life experience for an elderly person, they have the fear of losing their independence and identity. They also told me having no place to call home is heartbreaking to them. Growing up in Ireland and listening to the older folks back home many years ago they all had a fear of ending their days in a nursing home. I always listened with a heavy heart but knew then that I didn’t want my parents to have that fear and I always reassured them that they would always be in the comfort of their own home. Aging is something we are all going to face sooner or later we don’t want to have the same fears that our parents and grandparents had. Starting my home care business has been a passion of mine from a young age, and being able to bring compassionate care into the homes of our elderly clients so that they can have a place to call home where they can keep their identity and their independence. I have always had the greatest respect for the senior population and I strongly believe they should not have to end their days living in fear of having to leave their home.


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